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yellow caution sign Be Safe Be mindful of others and your surroundings when working. Paying attention = being safe!

diploma/certificate Be Informed Get proper training before handling potentially hazardous materials or operating equipment.

safety gear Stay Healthy Proper training and the use of safety gear can dramatically increase your chances of avoiding injuries.

Our members manage, supervise and consult on safety, health and environmental issues in industry, insurance, government, healthcare and education.

- President, CT Safety Society

Welcome to our Site

During the summer of 1944, a group of safety engineers and supervisors met each week under the auspices of Yale University and the New Haven YMCA Junior College (University of New Haven) for the purpose of studying methods to prevent industrial accidents.

The group became the nucleus of the CONNECTICUT SAFETY SOCIETY. Its purpose was, and still is, to promote occupational safety and health; to promote the study of accident prevention and control techniques for occupational disease; and advance the discipline of industrial safety.

Our Mission

Meetings of the CONNECTICUT SAFETY SOCIETY have a twofold purpose, the first being to bring together individuals who have a similar or allied interests; and secondly, to bring to the members timely topics from speakers who are both knowledgeable and informative.

The Connecticut Safety Society provides a forum for professional development with a mission to promote safety at work, at home and in the community.

Connecticut Invention Convention

James Bragg-Phillips - Medi.Printis a medicine cap and bottle that will help a patients by securely locking medication so that only the patient can open the bottle to access the medicine. This will discourage misuse and potentially saving lives. It will also notify the patient of when they last took their medicine and give notice of their next dosage and correct dosage.
Emma Cheffer - LDC (Look Down Curtain) This invention is a curtain that is weighted, falls quickly in case of a code red.  Easy for teachers and students to activate in case of an emergency. To cover windows on classroom doors during school lockdowns.
Nicholas Fava - The Fire RetirerThis invention is a heat/photo regulator on the part of the appliance that is going to generate the most amount of heat or develop an excess amount of something that will initiate a fire. If the certain set temperature or quantity is exceeded there will be a wire running from the sensor to the appliance and the sensor will break the electrical circuit shutting off the appliance so that a fire is avoided.  
Gabbriella King - Ice O’RaptorThis invention is to melts ice at the edge of a roof, so you don't need to go on ladders or roofs.
Elizabeth Lovrien - The AmplifinatorThis invention helps firemen speak louder so people in a fire can hear them. The firemen speak into the head set and it amplifies their voice
Kayleigh McGovern - Fire Arm This invention is a bracelet that has a Bluetooth connection to the alarm system (smoke detector or CO detector) in the house. It will alert the wearer by causing an alarm to go off and a light to blink allowing a firefighter to find a victim should the need arise.
Kyle Peck - On Scene IdentificationThis invention is an electronic device that would be in homes, cars , stores, restaurants, etc. and if a fire breaks out there would be an automatic call to firefighters that shows the location of the fire.
Christopher Sarlo- Sarlo Safety SocketThis invention protects young children from putting fingers into electrical socket. An outer shield is built around the socket.

Five of your award winners (James, Emma, Elisabeth, Kayleigh, Kyle) were selected to attend the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo in Washington, D.C. on May 21, at the USPTO, so you helped us pick some national winners as well. See the attached release.  The NICEE inaugural event, with close to 300 students from 15 states,  was a dream come true for those of us who care deeply about spreading the success of the CIC programs to other states.  We will send more Connecticut inventors next year with your help! 

Thank You

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to include Connecticut Safety Society again this year in our record-breaking 33rd year!  We are so grateful for your support and the extraordinary commitment to research, evaluate and award the Connecticut Safety Society Award.
Thank you!   You’re the best! 
Helen Charov
Executive Director
Connecticut Invention Convention

The Connecticut Safety Society provides a forum for professional development with a mission to promote safety at work, at home and in the community.